"Effects of temperature and concentration of simulated body fluid on bone apatite formation using electrospun Poly(ε-caprolactone) fibre substrate. "
By Dr. Nor Dalila Nor Affandi

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1 Comment from Prof Madya Dr. Muhamad Azmi Bin Abdul Hamid clear presentation, easy to understand. although the conclusion is a bit cramp for a summary.
Answer from presenter Thank you for the positive comments on the e-poster. I will improve and amend the conclusion accordingly.
2 Question from Dr. Wan Rusmawati Binri Wan Mahamod Can you explain, why Ca at 25 oC drastically decrease after 14 days incubation?
Answer from presenter Thank you for the good question. The reduction of Ca at 25 degree Celsius after day 14 could be due to the detachment of bone apatite from the electrospun PCL fibres substrate during the sample preparation. To reconfirm the result, further analysis and repetition need to be done on the sample.