"Effect of Dehydrothermal (DHT) Treatment on the Physicochemical and Mechanical Properties of 3D Porous Chitosan-Collagen-Glycerol Membrane for Potential Wound Dressing Applications"
By Prof. Dr. Ismail Zainol

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1 Question from Prof Madya Dr. Muhamad Azmi Bin Abdul Hamid What is the appropriate tensile strength for wound dressing application?
Answer from presenter The strength of wound dressing is important to make sure that the structure of scaffold maintain after being exposed to body fluid for period of time. It is well known that the crosslinking process will increased the mechanical properties of polymer. In this study, the changes of mechanical properties of chitosan-collagen-glycerin scaffold was determined to monitor the crosslink process during DHT treatment.
2 Question from Dr. Wan Rusmawati Binri Wan Mahamod One of the objective is to investigate the DHT treatment on mechanical strength and biostability, which result represents the biostability study?
Answer from presenter Degradation study was used to determine the biostability of the sample. However, this results was not in the poster due to limited space.